Well Who the Heck am I?

I wonder that all the time! I'm a Wife, Mom to four, Stepmom (or Step-monster as they refer to me) Sister, friend, short order cook, driver, maid, gopher....My life is practically perfect. I am happily married to The Fireman...unless he takes the remote from me. I love food and I love to cook. I am most comfortable in the kitchen! I don't even mind the clean up but since I have kids to torture, I do get out of that often! I have two kids at home, The Ballplayer and The Tortured Teenager. Their names explain them completely.

This blog is to get some of my favorite recipes on paper (or web) and to save how my food experiences all went down (in more ways than than the pun intended!) Originally started when my daughter told me she never intends to A. Get married or B. Have children. I figure I better share all my recipes with someone! I know, she may come around to changing her mind! I never imagined anyone would actually read my blog...ever.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and all the stories about my crazy family!

Shamrocks and Shenanigans


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  2. LOVE your blog!!!! ;)
    You are an awesome Mom, wife, and short order cook ;) lol

    LMAO!!!! the word that came up for word verification was : fatter
    LMAO, that's what i get for reading your blog!!!

  3. Newcomer to your blog! I take it your husband is a fireman, too??? We are blessed women and wives!

  4. Aricka, I had no idea you had this web site...now I know where I can come to get some of those awesome ideas of yours!